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Antique River Logs Collector's Chest

William Joiner's family has navigated the rivers and lakes of Kentucky for five generations, and his present-day mission takes him beneath the very waters on which his forebears worked. Joiner's company, Antique River Logs, reclaims old-growth timber that has lain underwater for as long as two centuries. Cold water and lack of oxygen and sunlight have preserved the logs and added unique characteristics—such as cracks, mineral deposits, and a wide range of colors—that enhance the natural beauty of the wood and make each piece unique. This reclaimed wood collector's chest, built exclusively for Orvis from an axe-cut white oak found in Kentucky's Barren River, holds in its very grain the story of the hardworking loggers who brought these trees to river's edge. Every time you open the lid, your hand rests on a magnificent piece of American history. Designed by an Amish craftsman, the desktop case features exquisite pin and dovetail construction and a delicate felt display floor. Measures 5¼"H x 11½"L x 7"W outside; interior is 2½"H x 10"L x 6½"W. 100% reclaimed white oak. Made in USA.
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