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Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket

Built to last, this substantial leather jacket is expertly crafted from genuine American bison leather—one of the most durable of all leathers. Through years of faithful service, this jacket will attain a handsome patina, ensuring each heirloom-caliber jacket is singular in appearance. Versatile two-way front zip closure with snap-closed wind flap. Two cotton-lined exterior pockets; four interior pockets, one with secure zip closure. Adjustable cuffs. Fully lined in classic tartan. In dark brown. Genuine American bison leather. Professionally clean. Imported.Regular even sizes: 40-48. About 27½" long in size 44.
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Customer Reviews for Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket
Review 1 for Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket
Overall Rating: 
3 / 5
3 / 5
fit issues,
March 16, 2015
By: dpcIL
"I like this jacket a lot and think it is pretty close in reality to what the web pictures and descriptions led me to expect. However, I can't get the fit right, so I'm needing to return the second one I tried. Of course there is a refund for the product, but it's gotten quite expensive paying to have them shipped back and forth. The first was the size that was recommended based on my measurements. When it came I tried it on and couldn't move even before trying to close it (straightjacket is the word that comes to mind). I returned it and tried one size up. It feels good upon first putting it on, but then it became clear quickly that although it fits OK in the upper body, the sweep is WAY too big. If I were to wear that outside, wind would blow right up into it. My body is shaped more like a cylinder than a cone, but the jacket is made for a body that rapidly expands in circumference going from shoulders to waist. Going from 44 to 46 seems like a HUGE increase in size. Based on how I couldn't even get the 44 on, I almost went up to a 48. Clearly that would have been a mistake because the 46 is as much too big as the 44 was too small. Sigh... So another return. I shall not try a third time."
Review 2 for Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
March 6, 2015
By: Sunny23
from Memphis, TN
"The leather quality is outstanding and it fits great, I am 5'9 175. I couldn't be more pleased. Well done Orvis."
Review 3 for Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket
Overall Rating: 
4 / 5
4 / 5
4.5 Star Bison Jacket Beautiful,
February 27, 2015
By: Jeffntn
from Tn.
"I have to pick 4 or 5 stars, this fine piece of leather is 5 star, however it seems some older reviews ignored I will wholeheartedly agree with other reviewers a bit more substantial zipper for this heavy of a coat would be in order. I would pick brass for a gold color but the pewter color silver zipper is OK. The size of the zipper just does not match the presence of this piece of art. I shall see how it holds up. Tapering the sides some would be a great idea, it is cut straight down from the armpits to the waist. But this coat is still worth the money. My size 42 is nearly 7 pounds in hand. A very heavy warm coat. I have walked in this 30 minutes at night recently with a wind chill of 5 F and was never cool or cold. I also wore the Bison gloves for that walk. Don't whine about the price, you live once and this is an heirloom coat. I had it at a knowledgeable leather shop and was told with decent wear and care this is a 50 to 100 year coat depending on the conditions it is stored when not worn. Worth the money, believe that. I won't leave it on a coat rack anywhere. It looks that great. ")"
Review 4 for Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Coronado Bison Leather Jacket,
January 26, 2015
By: JimPortland
from Portland, OR
"I shopped for this jacket extensively before purchasing due to the slightly high cost. I also read all of the Orvis reviews. My frame is slightly off standard as I have broad shoulders and shorter arms at 5'9''. So, I was prepared to potentially have the jacket adjusted after purchase. However, after my 42 jacket arrived, it fit like a glove with just enough room to wear a sweater. The sleeves worked great so no adjustment there. That was a bonus. As for the quality of the leather, it is awesome. The collar is just as I thought it would be and the color and construction are ideal. The zipper could be a little more user friendly but it seems sturdy and is not an issue. I look forward to loving this jacket for decades to come."
Review 5 for Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Quality Manifested,
January 6, 2015
from Texas
"When my two daughters asked me what I wanted for my birthday my first response was this jacket. Mind you, I had read the mixed reviews. Most notably the ones regarding the supposed lack of substance regarding the zipper, so I decided to take a chance. After all, if the zipper or any other issue was not to my liking, I would simply return it.
Am I glad I took the risk! This jacket exudes quality. It's weight is significant, and easily twice as heavy as the leather jacket it is replacing. The feel, the construction, all make the price well worth it.
The fit? I am 6 ft. tall, and weigh 185lbs. My waist size is 34. This jacket is "slightly" larger around the waist than I would have preferred, but I still do not feel like being in a tent. The fit, I would say, is true to size.
My previous leather jacket, not an Orvis product, was still going strong after 15 years. This one, with the much higher quality Bison Leather, will probably outlive me. A quality heirloom that I will in all likelihood pass down to my Grandchildren.
So, do I recommend this product? A wholehearted and resounding YES!
Please, if you are considering this product do yourself a favor and order it. It's that good."
Review 6 for Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Coronado Bison Jacket,
December 24, 2014
By: grayfeather
from Modesto ,CA
"Best leather jacket I have seen in a long time .Great fit ! well made and the bison leather is very nice .The price is a little high , but the saying ; you get what you pay for goes here."
Review 7 for Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Bison Leather Jacket,
December 13, 2014
By: dpmmn
"I replaced my 30 year old lambskin jacket with the Coronado American Bison jacket I'am sure that I will get the same amount of use from this one. the fit is great, and my son will get another great jacket in 30 years."
Review 8 for Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Outstanding jacket,
December 12, 2014
By: jduane
from Peoria, IL
"LOVE this jacket. Everything you would expect from Orvis - very good quality. After reading the reviews I had some reservations given the cost. This jacket fits well and is true to size. I am 6' 1" and 210 pounds - the 42 was a little snug across the shoulders/back so I returned it for a 44 that fits perfectly. The return process worked flawlessly and service people were excellent.
The reports about zipper, collar an styling issues stood out in other reviews. These issues were not a problem for me - the zipper is just fine, the collar is no problem, it is not 'boxy'. This 'bad boy' will be perfect for riding the old motorcycle when I haul it out in the spring. Ive also worn it to church and to business functions - in short…everywhere you go. I love the styling and weight of the jacket. I am wearing this 'beauty' everywhere I go with a smile on my face - it is now my new favorite."
Review 9 for Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
High Qaulity Leather Coat,
November 23, 2014
By: MCK40
from Northern Virginia
"I read all of the reviews before making this purchase and I had very high hopes for this coat in spite of some of its short comings. Like others have noted, it is very high quality leather and I can see me wearing it for many decades to come. I have no doubts that it will look better and better over the years as it develops a nice patina. I will say though that I was surprised at just how heavy the coat is. I don't say that as a good or bad quality, I was just not expecting it as my old leather coat was much lighter. For the first week I had the coat I was still not completely sold on it. the coat is very "boxy" as others have pointed out and I thought it fit a bit "snug", especially compared to my old coat. However, as I have worn it more and more and started to slowly break it in, it is getting better. As far as all of the comments regarding the zipper go, I don't consider it to be inferior or cheap, but it is a little cumbersome and awkward trying to get zipped up. I have just used the buttons and they have worked just fine. I also love the tartan linking the four inside pockets. The bottom line for me is that the coat is very warm and looks great and I have not doubts that once I have it completely broken in, I will consider the best coat I have every owned!"
Review 10 for Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket
Overall Rating: 
4 / 5
4 / 5
Great Quality Leather Jacket,
November 21, 2014
By: davidLeikam
from Palo Alto, CA
"I've been wanting a good leather jacket for years but not your run of the mill motorcycle or other jacket style. I have been wearing Orvis for awhile so when I saw this jacket, I was excited though a bit expensive for my planned budget so after a few months I decided to make the investment. Great, unique grain, and heavy duty though the zipper could of been a little more.
This is the best leather jacket I've worn with a great fit and three medium sized breast pockets."
Review 11 for Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
5 stars!,
November 18, 2014
By: Shall43
from Leesburg, GA
"what a handsome jacket with excellent quality and style! This is going to be a wonderful Christmas gift. Thank you for your excellent customer service and quick shipping!"
Review 12 for Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket
Overall Rating: 
4 / 5
4 / 5
Choice Jacket that will Last 4-Ever,
November 17, 2014
By: RobTheKayaker
from Chicago, Illinois
"This Bison jacket is one of the finest leather jackets I have ever seen. The bison is soft yet robust and you know as soon as you try it on that it is an heirloom product that will last for fifty to a hundred years.
I found that the 48 size was just a tad too small and all but cried when I had to send it back. There's something about bison that is iconic and a "had to have" item; sadly there is no size 50. For all you who can fit in it, consider yourself lucky!"
Review 13 for Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket
Overall Rating: 
3 / 5
3 / 5
October 25, 2014
By: Charley01
from upstate NY
"I was not sure about this jacket from the beginning. Having difficulty of finding a suitable alternative I decided to order it; even paid for the quick delivery. First, about good things: very nice brown color of good quality leather. But, as some other reviews pointed it out, the collar was not most comfortable and the zipper indeed, flimsy. And on addition, the snap button fell off after only few days of wear ("conveniently" they provided "extra buttons" , so I hope, it will be fixed for now. At this point I don't have too much confidence in this jacket"
Review 14 for Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket
Overall Rating: 
3 / 5
3 / 5
Very large!!!,
October 16, 2014
By: DRBauer
"I found this to be very large around the middle. From the chest up & the arms I loved it, but then it just went straight down or maybe even out from the chest down. I literally swam in it. I ordered the 40 hoping, (I usually wear a 40 or 42 depending on the cut) and I easily wear 32" waist. I think that this was cut for someone with a LOT more midsection than me. Sent it back within hours of receipt."
Review 15 for Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket
Overall Rating: 
4 / 5
4 / 5
Mixed Bag,
August 27, 2014
By: Anton88
from Upstate New York
"OK: The leather is gorgeous for those of us who love bison. The cut,
well there is no cut; its a straight shot from the shoulders to your waist which means the waist is too wide, by a lot.I am a 44 but ordered a 42 to compensate for the waist issue. The jacket fits a little snug but if the bottom was an inch wider (I am a 36) it would have been a deal breaker.
The colllar is really a non-issue; you bend the points away from your chin and over time they will get the message. A bit overpriced given its short comings but will do for now.
Review 16 for Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Top quality leather jacket,
August 19, 2014
By: HansonC
from England
"I wanted a top quality leather jacket and, after carrying out some research, established that the Coronado jacket is best suited to me.
This is a heavy, hard wearing garment suited to most European/US weather. I bought a 42" chest and, although I have a slim waist, this is a really good fit."
Review 17 for Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
New Favorite Coat,
August 8, 2014
By: gardengun
from Western Colorado
"So happy with my Coronado Jacket it's now my new favorite coat. Very well made of one of the best leathers on the planet. Was not told when ordering that the fit is somewhat "snug" , however does not detract from overall high quality."
Review 18 for Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
This is it!!,
August 4, 2014
By: Baruch
from Adelaide SA
"If Davy Crockett was alive, this is the jacket he would be wearing! From the supple, genuine bison leather, made to last to the tartan lining inside with 4 functional pockets; this is it! From the high quality zip with additional button closure this it! From the lovely high collar to keep the wind out, to the 2 suede outer pockets this is it! This jacket does not restrict movement, and has the most fantastic brown color to it, none can compare. The best jacket I have ever bought, This is it!!!"
Review 19 for Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
April 14, 2014
By: stanZZ
from Amherst, Ohio
"Very supple! I like how it still looks masculine with the excellent quality. Also like another very well made jacket I've owned over twenty five years. (this one also has suede pockets). My old bomber jacket is still in very good condition. I'm sure this jacket will out last me. I'm very pleased....."
Review 20 for Coronado American Bison Leather Jacket
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Love it,
March 17, 2014
By: CD77
from Gainesville, GA
"I like the style very much and it fits perfect. The jacket is very heavy in weight but then it is thick Bison leather and will last forever."