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Hydros Streamer Stripper

The best streamer fly line there is. Orvis exclusive, with a 4' Class V sinking tip and a high-floating body for easy mending and keeping direct contact with the fly on the swing. Get the fly down where the fish are feeding even in fast water. Easy pickup with floating body. Great for stillwater when fish are lower in the water column.
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Review 1 for Hydros Streamer Stripper
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Nice Sink Tip Line,
November 13, 2014
By: Robjcm14
from Brentwood Essex
"I bought a 5 weight Hydros Streamer Stripper line for use with a fairly light weight rod for boat fishing on my local reservoir. I'm pretty pleased with it; it has a fast sink tip, which, in addition to being useful for getting un-weighted streamers and lures to a decent depth quickly, also works well with a team of buzzers and nymphs. The line casts beautifully, it loads my rod effortlessly and you kind of feel that all the technology put into the Hydros line series is somehow there. With so many great lines out there, it's difficult to decide which one to buy these days, but this line is certainly up there with the best of them."
Review 2 for Hydros Streamer Stripper
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Hydros Streamer Stripper,
November 5, 2014
By: Timsy
from Mentor, Ohio
"I have used the Hydros sink tip for many years of trout fishing and would not consider any other. It takes my streamers or nymphs into the fish zone with-out adding shot to the line. I fish mostly moderate to small size streams that run clear and the trout a very wise."
Review 3 for Hydros Streamer Stripper
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Spot on,
September 6, 2014
By: JeffMc
from SE Wyoming
"I recently picked up this line for fishing big streamers for fall and winter brown trout. It is absolutely perfect for the task. The 4ft sink tip is just the right length for getting the fly down, and the remaining floating portion of the line makes for easy mending and picking up for the next cast. It loads quickly and punched the fly exactly where I want it, especially when I am trying to pinpoint it up against the opposite bank between the brush. This is the perfect big-streamer line."
Review 4 for Hydros Streamer Stripper
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Perfect depth,
February 10, 2014
By: Luv2Fsh
from Texas
"Purchased this line a few days before I went streamer fishing for trout. Caught five fish on the first five casts. Excellent for double hauling once you time it for the sink tip. The beauty of this product is the perfect depth placement in the water column. It puts you where the fish are."
Review 5 for Hydros Streamer Stripper
Overall Rating: 
4 / 5
4 / 5
Not bad,
December 31, 2013
By: Redbone13
from North Carolina
"Finish is a little rough but the line gets down. Much better than the intermediate sinking line (orange color)."
Review 6 for Hydros Streamer Stripper
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Well Designed for both Rivers and Stillwaters,
August 21, 2013
By: BronxFlyAngler
from Bronx, NY
"This line is effective in both rivers and stillwaters to get streamers, wets and nymphs deeper in the water column to the fish. The combination is fairly easy to pick up and cast. I recommend a fast action rod for better casting distance."
Review 7 for Hydros Streamer Stripper
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Outstanding design,
May 14, 2013
By: dogcedar
from Oregon
"This must be the most intelligently designed line yet for use with nymphs. It casts like a FT, rolls like a DT and mends like any premium floating line. Top notch for fast streams two to four feet deep. Very few snags as you don't have to weight the leader. Excellent performance in very cold spring water.
This is a must have in your line arsenal!"
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Review 8 for Hydros Streamer Stripper
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Great line,
May 11, 2013
By: Tucks
from Devon, UK
"I've got this line in two weights now and find it a great line to use"
Review 9 for Hydros Streamer Stripper
Overall Rating: 
1 / 5
1 / 5
April 19, 2013
By: lyla
from Holland Patent Ny
"Thecontainer was a soft cardboard that fell apart while I was winding the line to my reel. The line dropped to the floor in a tangled heap. I threw it away and was realluy upset that a company like orvis would change what was good packaging.I have bought several lines and reels from you , Never again"
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Review 10 for Hydros Streamer Stripper
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Streamer Stripper 7 Weight,
December 28, 2012
By: RockyMtnFly
"This line provides good control and enough sensitivity to feel the slightest tug, I used for the first time and caught a 22" 4 lb rainbow out of the Arkansas in Colorado........Thanks Orvis!"
Review 11 for Hydros Streamer Stripper
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
May 25, 2012
By: Tillie08
"Line shoots well and sinks fast. Great for fishing wets."
Review 12 for Hydros Streamer Stripper
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
frosty morning,
April 18, 2012
By: mountainmanmark
from west stewartstown nh
"this lines shoots excellent in those chilly m0orning when those big trout are biting and the sink tip lets you shoot you line out where the big ones are in the river i recommend this line to everyone i encounter"
Review 13 for Hydros Streamer Stripper
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Great line, even in adverse conditions,
March 28, 2012
By: wfosborn
from Alaska
"When I set out looking for a new line I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to find one that would fit my needs. I needed a line with a short sinking head that would shoot well and perform in cold temperatures.
I was a little nervous when I decided on this one as it wasn't specifically listed as being made for cold water and my older Orvis line wasn't very happy with the cold water. I shouldn't have been, when they said it works well in a variety of temperatures I guess they mean it.
This line performs excellently, even when pulling it out of salt water with ice floating down it, and letting the stripped line sit at my feet in a snow bank. Slick enough that not only did it shoot well, but it shed the snow and ice without trouble and it had no problem with memory or stiffness in the cold.
Excellent line, would definitely recommend."