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Access 4-weight 8' Fly Rod—Mid Flex

2¼ oz. 8', 4-piece, Mid-Flex Fly Rod for 4-wt. line.This Access 4-weight, is a great all round rod for dry fly anglers that love small streams, but fish larger water as well. The eight-foot length is easy to control and allows for precise placement in tight quarters, and yet is still capable of sending a cast over a bigger water with ease. An excellent choice for the dry fly angler, the combination of the eight-foot length and four-weight size offers the ability to delicately place a dry fly in a precise spot with excellent control. Built with our proprietary tapers and actions developed on Helios by our rod designers and offered at an unbelievable low price, the Access 804-4 is destined to become a favorite with dry fly anglers everywhere.
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Customer Reviews for Access 4-weight 8' Fly Rod—Mid Flex
Review 1 for Access 4-weight 8' Fly Rod—Mid Flex
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
A 4wt I Want,
June 15, 2014
By: Qrachel
from LA
"Dear Orvis Fly Fishing Staff:
I just visited the Pasadena, CA store and took advantage of the Access rod and reel sale – pretty fantastic: Access 4wt 8” Mid-flex, matching reel, backing and line. This is my 1st experience with an Orvis purchase and in word, “Wow, the service was impeccable,” as is the guarantee.
I was going to get the 4wt TXL-F in a 7’10” length, which is more expensive and felt more than a little bit stiffer than the Access 8’ 4wt Mid-flex. I have a pretty fast Loop Opti-Stream 5wt that I really like but in the 10-20’ range I’m still fishing with a 2x4 it seems; I’m new to fly fishing but with several hours practice I’m still not very subtle close in – I’m sure it’s me but none the less it ought not to be that difficult. At 20-60’ I’m now past the awkward stage and can usually be within 6-18” of my target with the 5wt in several different cast modes, yea! That’s not great but I’m new to fly fishing and there just seems to be a lot of finesse yet to translate into muscle memory; I’m satisfied at this stage, except for the truly short stuff.
So I went to the Orvis store and handled all their rods (my Orvis 101 fly lesson used Helios 2 5wt 9’ foot rods, sweet), and today I could really tell the Access 8’ 4wt, Mid-flex was perfect for me - feel and plenty of backbone. A little lawn practice verified my suspicion, that Access 4wt is a drop-dead performer at 30’ feet inward, wow! Of course, the rod’s esthetics are first cabin too.
There’s lots of evaluations and comments out there, even some darn decent side x side comparisons, and I’m sure most of them are spot on for what they value and focus on. However, I’d really suggest that only one’s personal touch and feel plus a little practice is the best way to get the ‘rod’ you want. For me, the Access 8’ 4wt, Mid-flex is the right rod and well matched with the companion Access reel . . . and the whole package was on sale for 20% off!!! Price wasn't a big issue; touch and feel was.
FWIW, that’s how see 4wt fly rod’s today; tomorrow’s another day and I can’t wait to dip that 4wt’s line into a nice Eastern Sierra stream.
Tight lines,
Review 2 for Access 4-weight 8' Fly Rod—Mid Flex
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Short and Sweet,
March 13, 2013
By: Samaki
from Nairobi, Kenya
"My second rod from the Access range is short and sweet and exactly what I wanted for small mountain rivers; subtle enough to drop a fly just in front of a rock and powerful enough to swing a wet fly through deeper pools. Lovely easy action with a striking but no-nonsense finish. A trusty companion for hiking through the hills and testing the waters."
Review 3 for Access 4-weight 8' Fly Rod—Mid Flex
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Number 1 fish catcher,
October 16, 2012
By: 750GMU
from Kilmarnock, Scotland
"This rod is the best casting tool I've had the pleasure of owning. You can fish all day effortlessly with no fatigue. I paired it with the access reel and it has to be said they compliment each other perfectly.
I would 100% recommend this"
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Review 4 for Access 4-weight 8' Fly Rod—Mid Flex
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Great Rod, Great Casting, Great Presentation,
June 21, 2012
By: PendletonThe3rd
from Los Angeles, CA
"I had my eye on this rod for a couple of months and finally pulled the trigger. Glad I did because I realize now how clunky my previous (generic brand) rod was. Indeed, I think it has actually helped my casting technique and made this beginning angler into a pretty decent caster!
Not only does the rod and reel combo look great with the root beer color and golden reel, but it is super lightweight as well; making for a very gentle cast, and even gentler presentation. On my first time out, I caught 6 back to back small mouths in less than an hour.
While I'd like to think it had something to do with me, true thanks are in order to Orvis for making this very fine rod!
Nothing but Orvis rods for me from now on."
Review 5 for Access 4-weight 8' Fly Rod—Mid Flex
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Dry Fly Angler's Dream,
May 15, 2012
By: AshevilleAngler
from Asheville, NC
"I purchased this 8' 4wt at my local Orvis dealer, on the recommendation of the fly shop manager, someone whose opinion I've learned to trust. Wow! What a great payoff for a minimal investment. It is responsive, feels great, it's visually attractive... Its 8' length is perfect for the tight Blue Ridge and Smoky mountain streams I fish regularly. I had a mishap on the river and damaged the rod just days before a big fishing trip; I called Orvis and explained my situation, and was overnighted a replacement sight unseen for the return of the damaged one. That's what I call customer service! FYI, I paired this rod with the Orvis Hydros II Large Arbor reel, which balances it quite nicely, and looks quite attractive. Tight Lines..."
Review 6 for Access 4-weight 8' Fly Rod—Mid Flex
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Versatile Trout Rod,
March 4, 2012
from San Jose, CA
"This is a very versatile dry fly rod. It performs admirably on larger waters and can easily, and precisely, lay out 60-foot casts as well as delicately lay dry flies on spooky waters. At 8-feet, it is also very easy to manager in tight quarters. This rod can also throw a light nymph rig pretty well. I typically have this rod rigged with a dry fly in case a hatch comes off. I'll use my Helios rod for nymphs for the time in-between hatches. Also extremely lightweight and the Access reel balances perfectly on it."
Review 7 for Access 4-weight 8' Fly Rod—Mid Flex
Overall Rating: 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Just right.,
January 19, 2012
By: Chuch
from Somerset, Pa.
"This nice 8' 4 weight is a nice addition to my rod arsenal. Used it a few days after receiving it and had a good time on the creek. There are other nice 4 weights out there but for the p[rice this is tops. I puchased it as an outfit and I'm just as pleased with the reel. It feels great but I simply like the color of it too with the gold reel."